Reason Dismay

from by Lecture




treachery splits the earth by lightning
fury unleashed by the old entity
a single man's craft of war concealed
at sea so distressed by resent his fed

imaginations are quelled into submission
a broken mast pegged down onto existence
castaway, mistook chances upon drastic means
cursed by his vision and ambition

let those stories be praised away
and acknowledged let my tribute be
technology conceals the truth
to the point of no return

voices are too repetitive now
spitting vulgar remarks to me
the echoes evolved static
drowning, drowning tenfold with contempt

don't sustain the advice
reject beyond the boundry
forever shelter thought
abstract utilation, suicide

artificial milkfed intelligence
sways in belligerence, dismay
our neglected patterns cross
so long this misery confined

i'm a commodity, nothing but a forebearer
clogged into the sinkhole of creation
winter upon my selfish existence, forcefed
sufferance brought within neurotic self
pain so earthly has striken through divine hearts

obstructs men of virtue, devastates causality
logic of an ancient time reigns with no shame
my cerebral tempest ever so turbulant

the age of the messiah shadowing
over the trampled notions of enlightening

with strife there's so much to be gained
without the lore, i can never be brave

if truth is only a matter of heart
reason, the living days are only a test


from Demo 2012, released March 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Lecture Istanbul, Turkey

LECTURE is a hardcore band from Istanbul Turkey. We don't belong to the shallow commercially oriented hardcore scene of USA and our music is a form of resistance against the watered down image/sound conscious hardcore scene of today. Having done a small Euro Tour and many local shows with our previous bands, LECTURE aims to bring a fresh taste and perspective to the worldwide hardcore community. ... more

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