Into Turmoil

from by Lecture



scorched by the mental flames
and envy's deed conceals my sight
slowly condemned spirits fall
only a shadow of reality to me

those flames disintegrate my soul
reaching into an abyss indiscribe-able
so profound its' depths that it's forsaken
through unknown steps, mental portals feed
inscribing my fate incomplete

within this fate i find this voice
yearning for truth unpassed
yet the void remains eternal
expanding by the strife i endure

everything that is unsaid
poison to all souls unborn
past can't change anything
trials unspoken

then i will rejoice my nemesis
to the bitter grave this spirit
bound by elemental law
my body, my soul is their nourishment

so long this exiled being
bear the burden of all sins
let the storm of apathy
reach distant minds, ignorance so appealing

path to a higher learning
your moral virtues uphold nothing
so long this exiled being
bear the burden of all sins

escaping the catalyst
divider of superstition

praised are the guardians of time
essence possessed within boundless horizons

escaping the catalyst
divider of superstition

interceptors are watching
behind cosmic evaluations
derived from greed
driven by de-evolution


from Demo 2012, released March 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Lecture Istanbul, Turkey

LECTURE is a hardcore band from Istanbul Turkey. We don't belong to the shallow commercially oriented hardcore scene of USA and our music is a form of resistance against the watered down image/sound conscious hardcore scene of today. Having done a small Euro Tour and many local shows with our previous bands, LECTURE aims to bring a fresh taste and perspective to the worldwide hardcore community. ... more

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