Destined To Fall

from by Lecture




all the people you once called friends
where the things built upon regrets
charms, brought to you by
potent internal
bear eternal

ejected through de-evolution
souls involve in reality
minds are open
yet the thoughts are strictly purchased

self denial
the goals we both shared is not counting anymore
this passion makes me out of breath
solitude, i shout my lungs out

set myself awakened to them all
lack of your pleasure is no longer my burden

i sweat on setting my time back
i wear myself out
shunned, not believing this sentence
all conceit crushed by your sight
seemingly joyous crowds laughing

this thread of hope at long last
dissolute and malicious being summoned
tainted thoughts of withdrawal
sick of your secure existence

all the people you once called friends
where the gestures died immediately
pieces, scavenged and gathered
sown enmity, shed despair

bordering on lunacy i am incarcerated
miscalculated aggression takes over now
egos lie parallel, repelling each other
at the end of my rope i live on
gotta find out the glitch in me

as i run for this crash course
that sets me aside and i never belong
my mind is oblivious, rejecting
pathways to compassion yield
only self awareness yet triumphs

friendship can't fully prevail
friendships destined to fall


from Demo 2012, released March 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Lecture Istanbul, Turkey

LECTURE is a hardcore band from Istanbul Turkey. We don't belong to the shallow commercially oriented hardcore scene of USA and our music is a form of resistance against the watered down image/sound conscious hardcore scene of today. Having done a small Euro Tour and many local shows with our previous bands, LECTURE aims to bring a fresh taste and perspective to the worldwide hardcore community. ... more

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